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Welcome to Wimmer


Appreciation is important to us - both in our relationships with customers and with our dedicated employees. Through a culture of respect, we strive for long-term success based on trust and respectful collaboration.
Quality Made in Germany

We place great emphasis on quality, both in selecting our raw materials and in manufacturing our brushes. We produce our brooms and brushes in Kappelrodeck, on the edge of the Black Forest, using modern machinery, some of which we have developed ourselves.
Tradition & Reliability

As a fourth generation family business, we are proud to have passed on and developed the family business and expertise from generation to generation. By combining customer focus and innovation with long-term thinking, we create a combination of tradition, progress and reliability.


Corporate History

More than 120 Years Piassavawerke Hermann Wimmer e.K.: 1903 - 2024


Over 120 years of experience have made Piassavawerke Hermann Wimmer specialists in the development and manufacture of sweeping rollers, disc brooms and other brooms and brushes. The products are well known for their high level of quality. In addition to standard brushes for all types of sweeping machines, technical brushes, brushes for sewage treatment plants and custom products are also manufactured. The collection of curiosities includes brushes for finishing hurdles on dog training grounds, scrubbing brushes for donkeys and horses and cow brushes for the well-being and increased milk yield of dairy cattle.


Fourth Generation Family Business


Compan founder Hermann Wimmer

In 1903, Hermann Wimmer founded Piassavawerke Hermann Wimmer in Rüsselsheim. After a car factory was built there, the Piassavawerke suffered from a shortage of labour. This forced the founder to relocate his business. The brush manufacturer moved his business to his birthplace of Kappelrodeck, where it soon flourished.

Kurt Roß

After the death of Hermann Wimmer at the age of 83, his son-in-law Kurt Roß took over the company in 1958. Together with Hermann Wimmer, he had managed the company for many years.
The sons of Hansi Wimmer-Roß and Kurt Roß, Günter and Hans-Peter Roß, joined the brush production in 1963 and 1967 respectively after completing their studies and took over the management of the company in 1968 after the death of Kurt Roß.

Günter Roß und Andreas Ross

After the sudden death of Hans-Peter Ross in 1976, Günter Ross became the sole owner and managing director of Piassavawerke. In 2002, he handed over the company to his son Andreas Ross.




Production Methods


Produktion einer Kehrwalze

From manual labour, which was the only production method when the company was founded, the company has developed into a large machine park with refined production processes for the wide range of special brushes. Most of the brushes are produced on modern machines, some of which were developed in-house.

The possibilities of technologisation, mechanisation and computerisation of the workplace have always been taken up by Hermann Wimmer and tested for their integration into the production processes. For example, at times a steam engine was used to generate electricity for the company and in 1969 Wimmer was the first company in the Achertal valley to use electronic data processing to optimise administration. However, manual labour was not completely eliminated from the company. Even today, there are still operations that cannot be performed efficiently by machines. For example, the steel wires of the disc brooms are inserted into the disc broom bodies by hand by dedicated women.

Hermann Wimmer Team

The Wimmer Team - 100 years of Piassavawerke Hermann Wimmer:
A cheerful and committed team works for the best products and your satisfaction.





We have been manufacturing and developing high quality brooms and brushes for a wide range of applications for over 120 years




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